Hello, I’m Sofian,
UX Engineer based in Bangkok.

Currently available for select projects, collaborations and consulting.

Hi, I’m Sofian. a 25-year-old technology enthusiast living in Bangkok, Thailand. I spend most of my time crafting and working on awesome projects!

Beside my workplace, you may also find me on Slack or Discord with my colleagues and former schoolmates, where I work/study hard on improving my skills to maximize my capacity as a UX Designer.

Bringing companies alive by visually
telling their stories.

Visual Identity

I help my clients to
create a strong and
distinctive visual identity.

Web Design

I apply user-centered
principles to create an
elegant and unique web


After brainstorming the
webdesign, I make the
magic happen.

Principles / What defines my workflow.

In my professional career I’ve been influenced by many things, but what mostly defines my workflow and the quality of my projects are the principles listed below:


The first principle is based on something that’s the basis of web design – innovation. A designer must always keep the fact that innovation can make all the difference in a good web design in mind.


When you a have a website that makes it easy to find what the visitor is looking for and a careful UI and display of information, it can make a website useful.


The aesthetic quality of a website is the balance between the visual details and the usefulness of it. Beautiful websites are those that deliver a unique experience when you visit them, and present relevant content.

Easy to use

To make a website easy to understand, you have to have a clear view of the goals that the website has in order to design for those goals. You must keep the ease of use and how easy it is for a visitor to reach their goal in mind.


Always be aware of the goal of your ideas, create systems that are transparent and easy to use, concentrate on the essential features of a website when designing it and keep it simple and clean to be better understood by the user.


There will always be a new trend in web design. Just don’t follow them without thinking carefully about the purpose of a radical change in your design.

Skillset / My weapons of choice.

I was always thrilled about computers and technology itself. The ability to give those machine instructions, and get back the results that you wanted was something that made me (still makes me) feel like a magician.

The last couple of years I’ve spent designing on various projects, which are mostly web oriented. Somewhere in-between I’ve discovered a great potential and passion for graphic / web / interface design. Everything combined, with the eagerness to learn new / more things and improve myself, have made me the person I’m today. Below I’ve listed a handful of skills that are relevant to me.

UI-UX Design
Web Development
Branding Design
Motion Design

Graphic Design

Sketch ●●●●●
Photoshop ●●●●●
Illustrator ●●●●●
InDesign ●●●●○
Lightroom ●●○○○

Web Development

HTML ●●●●●
Javascript ●●●●●
PHP ●●●●○
CSS/CSS3 ●●●●●
sLess/SASS ●●●●○


WordPress ●●●●●
Drupal ●●●●○
Joomla ●●●●○
Prestashop ●●●●○
Shopify ●●●○○

Sys. Administration

Windows ●●●●●
Linux ●●●●○
SSH ●●●●○
MySQL ●●●○○
Apache ●●●○○

I also know about…

  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Meteor
  • AJAX
  • jQuery

I also know about…

  • Premiere
  • After Effects