Restack Cloud

Restack Cloud

This has been probably the most ambitious and interesting Startup Project I’ve been involved in, and that is still on-going development. The idea initially came to one of my close friends who is a System Engineer (DevOps), previously a Technician in a large Data Center in France.

The concept came from an issue we tend to face as website/online business owners when it comes to hosting, the issue in question is scaling of resources needed. Currently, on the market there is only one hosting provider that offers Auto-Scaling, allowing you to scale your hosting automatically depending on usage and needs. This service is only available in the U.S. and is inexistent in EU & Asia. I cannot tell you more about it as it is still being developed, so I’ll showcase here some of the Graphic Design stuff I’ve done in the past months.

Landing Page Concept (early)

An initial design concept I made while we were really starting to grasp the idea behind our project, gathering data and planning things. Some parts of the design are rough graphic elements that at the time had no idea what I wanted them to look like, such as the container that only appeared later on.

Updated Landing Page Concept

Here I tweaked around some graphic elements but this is still very rudimentary and incomplete. Yet, we’re getting there! Major changes are the container and boxes with some Apps logo and a better designed Cargo Ship. Back to working on the Admin Dashboard User Interface!

Artwork Designed for T-Shirts

I particularly enjoyed designing this artwork as I had the freedom to use my own style, the idea behind the Container Ship is related to the Technologie used for our project that is “Docker“, using Containers to deploy and run any apps!

Admin Dashboard Sketch

Here we discuss the elements and App Creation process that will be developed in the Administration Dashboard, we usually gathered on weekends after work at one of our houses and worked in a stress-free environment.

Dashboard UI Screen Samples